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Delaunay Mesh Generator

'delaunay' is a program for generating triangular meshes.
A file containing vertices and contour edges has to be provided in XML format. Program 'delaunay' reads this file, generates a triangular mesh and writes the output file in XML format.

License: GPL
Author: Jochen Hanff



Arguments :

-v, --verbose : show some progress on 'stderr'
-i [input file] : specifies input file
-o [output file] : specifies output file, default is stdout
--version : print version
-h, --help : print help

Examples :

Read from standard input, write to standard output :

$ cat [input file] | delaunay

Read from file in.delaunay_in, write to file out.xml

$ delaunay -i in.delaunay_in -o out.xml

Input format

The vertices and contour edges are specified in XML format as follows.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <objects> <point id="p1" x="10.00" y="10.00"/> <point id="p2" x="20.00" y="10.00"/> <point id="p3" x="20.00" y="20.00"/> <point id="p4" x="10.00" y="20.00"/> <edge from="p1" to="p2"/> <edge from="p2" to="p3"/> <edge from="p3" to="p4"/> <edge from="p4" to="p1"/> </objects>

Output format

The output generated by delaunay looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <!-- created by delaunay mesh generator <Version 1.0> (Sep 18 2003, 13:30:53) 13:46:46 --> <objects> <point id="p1" x="10" y="10"/> <point id="p2" x="20" y="10"/> <point id="p3" x="20" y="20"/> <point id="p4" x="10" y="20"/> <triangle id="id_1"> <p1>p3</p1> <p2>p4</p2> <p3>p1</p3> </triangle> <triangle id="id_0"> <p1>p1</p1> <p2>p2</p2> <p3>p3</p3> </triangle> </objects>


Download from

How to install

The excellent Qt library is required. In most cases it comes with your Linux distribution. You also can get a free version for Linux from Trolltech.

Compile and install delaunay the usual way:

The binary delaunay is installed in /usr/local/bin.

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